Experience athletic holidays in nature in Bali

Allied sport and travel is ideal on this island of the Indonesian archipelago. In addition to its endless beaches, old volcanoes overlook the country with a tropical jungle.

You will also have the opportunity to discover many temples and palaces as well as animal parks and botanical gardens. If you want to spend an unforgettable holiday, you only have one thing to do to prepare your cabin bag and board for Bali. You will come back with fantastic memories.

A trip for any sports fan

There is so much to do and see in Bali; so it's impossible to get bored on this island. You can do a multitude of sports, such as golf, cycling, but also water sports such as scuba diving or surfing. At the heart of an exceptional environment, Bali awaits athletes and green tourism enthusiasts. Everywhere on the island, outdoor recreation awaits you.

The more athletic ones have the opportunity to enjoy a trek of several days or challenge rafting in the Telagawajah River. But the interior of the island is also unveiled during simple getaways, for example while visiting the Western Bali National Park.

By the sea, the unforgettable coral reefs are a delight for divers, but surfers also have a great time, facing the waves of Kuta Beach. Those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground will take advantage of the beautiful golf courses, such as Nirwana Bali golf course.

You can still take a boat ride to more confidential islands, like Menjangan. Paradise beaches and seaside resorts such as Lovina Beach or Nusa Dua have built Bali's world-renowned reputation. However, holidays here are not just sunbathing sessions. This territory is also characterized by its natural beauties and cultural richness.

Discover Bali

  •  Bali is simply a beautiful island located just south of Ecuador in the Indonesian archipelago. Contrary to what might be thought of its size 140 km by 80 km, Bali has nothing to envy to the other islands that make up this archipelago. Indeed, this little corner of paradise also called the island of the gods is the most renowned touristic place of Indonesia, and a destination of choice for tourists who wish to go to Asia. 
  • This small paradise attracts tourists both through its landscapes and hotel infrastructure, but also because there is a spiritual atmosphere related to Balinese culture. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, which is a country with a Muslim majority, Balinese do not practice Islam, but Hinduism and it follows many ceremonies and traditions such as tooth filing or cremation. 
  • If you go to Bali for more than a week there is no doubt that you will come across one of them, because the Balinese are so believers that they pray every day in every house and every hotel. The island has its own temple, so Bali is called the island of 1000 temples.

The ideal place for your holidays

With all that Bali offers, it is a destination to be absolutely shared in a group. Family, friends or couples will find all their happiness in this island. And to book your flights and activities, there is nothing better than Opodo.

Through this online travel agency, you can organize your entire trip and especially according to your budget. Flights, hotels and activities, Opodo offers everything to make your trip enjoyable. So book now. You will only have to confirm your dates.

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